Los Angeles in the distant future, a world taken over by a scientific run government, that would abolish the human caused climate change, preserving the earth and implementing a scientific Neuro-Chip system where every human is given an “Author”, half human half AI that guides their existence to ensure they are making choices that benefit the world from the moment of their birth until death.

Elizabeth Parker awakes from a dream for the first time, where the ability to dream has been abolished. Her dream reveals a family she never knew and a powerful image of a Dark Horse who becomes part of her reality, protecting her from those that would come for her.
“Something strange happened last night. It was like pieces of a movie playing back in the darkness of my mind.”

“We were never meant to live without dreams.”

“What’s a dream? Is this another tests?”

The media plagues your mind with fear, war, sickness and lies, making dreams seem extinct. We must fight to ensure our dreams live.


Amy D’Allessandro Stolz began her career in Los Angeles as an actress appearing on the FOX show X-Files and a recurring role as Gloria on the Showtime Show Resurrection Blvd. Though she enjoyed the challenge of acting in T.V.,Film and Commercials she found herself drawn to how a story was told through the style of the images on screen. Her love for story telling lead her back to study at UCLA, honing her skills in writing and directing. She began by directing commercials in the non-for profit community for those that shared her passion for giving to people and horses. She has directed music videos for James Williamson the guitarist of the Stooges, and the behind the scenes DVD on his Re-Licked album. Recently she directed the Music Video for James Williamson and the Pink Hearts. Amy currently works in production accounting for T.V. shows on ABC, Marvel, Netflix and Sony.
The Subconscious Dreamer, is her debut film as a writer director. It is a personal story that reflects how on a ride down a lonely road, not knowing where she was going she was lead by a voice that told her, “There is something waiting for you there”.  When she arrived to her destination she was told of a young black Arabian horse in need of a home. The rest as they say, is history. She will tell you it was fate that brought her and her horse Nova together. The Subconscious Dreamer is about listening to that voice that whispers ever so softly when the world around us is so loud. If we listen hard enough it guides us to places inside ourselves we didn’t know existed. She wishes for you to go on this journey with her and that when you enter the world she has created for you, it takes you to a place inside yourself, where your dreams become your reality.



Elizabeth wakes from having a dream for the first time. It reveals a family she’s never known and the image of a black horse who becomes part of reality, protecting her from those that will come for the dream locked inside her neuro-chip.

Kerry Knuppe is an enrolled Oglala Sioux tribal member from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. She moved to Los Angeles after breaking into the film industry with her lead performance in the SXSW Audience Award winner Skills Like This (2007). Kerry recently filmed Ryan Murphy’s new Netflix series Ratched (2020) and has a pivotal Native American lead in Heartland about the 2016 Standing Rock-Oil Industry standoff due out in 2020. This lead to other opportunities and roles such as the party-going socialite Cooper in Home, James (2014), southern sweetheart Becca in Like a Country Song (2014) and the betrayed mother in award-winning short, 1982 (2013). Between 2012 and 2013 she starred in three thrillers; as the religious fundamentalist Carrie in Home (2016) (playing daughter to scream-queen Heather Langenkamp, TV reporter on her way to investigate a Haitian hospital in Voodoo Possession (2014) and Zoe, a young woman on the verge of insanity in Lions Gate Gnome Alone (2015).
Mrs. Olivia Parker dies defending her daughter from a new government when they come to separate Elizabeth from her family. She is saved on an operating table by a scientist who test out a Neuro-chip technology, turning Mrs. Parker into HATHAWAY, the first “Author” in this new world.
Altered Labs allows HATHAWAY access to raise her daughter as her Author, guiding Elizabeth Parker throughout life, with one exception. She can never reveal her true identity.
Laura Mennell’s a Canadian actress who grew up in Mission, British Columbia. Most recently she has been busy working as the lead on the series Loudermilk, recurring in Man in the High Castle and the lead in the new Robert Zemeckis show Blue Book. A powerhouse of an actress that we are grateful to have in our cast.

Over the past decade, she’s built a successful and busy career and is best known for her work on shows like Syfy’s Alphas and Haven, E’s Emmy Nominated Flight 93, as well as Warner Brothers blockbuster Watchmen. She’s also had reoccurring and guest starring roles in shows like Motive, Fringe, Supernatural, Smallville, When Calls The Heart, among others.


Being the middle and most manipulative of the Blackbone brothers, he and Dusty have a plan to take Elizabeth back with them at any cost, regardless of Cody’s desire to keep the peace, and the danger it might cause them if the plan goes south.

Curtis Nelson was born on January 21, 1972,​ in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA as Curtis Elliott Nelson. He is an actor and cinematographer, known for Hell Bent for Leather: Part 1 (2014), A.W.O.L (2006) and The Black String (2018).
A headhunter hired by Alter Labs to find the “Dreamer”. Nothing motivates him more than a little money and revenge for the death of his father.
Guy Camilleri is a Los Angeles based actor, acting coach, and poet. As Los Angeles’ premier acting coach, Guy helps artists and audiences experience the intimacy of an authentic moment in his studio located at the Electric Lodge in Venice, Ca. His classes, workshops, seminars, and coaching have empowered Award-winning actors in television, film, and theater along with writers of Academy Award-winning films and Emmy winning directors. When not coaching, Guy is an actor, gracing both stage and screen to much critical praise. He is quickly being branded as the ‘go-to guy’ for his risk-taking​ and willingness to go the distance in powerful, vulnerable, spontaneous and deeply affecting work on film and stage. As a poet, Guy uses words to express his ‘irreverent point of view’; bearing witness to the world on any given day. Guy starred as Harry in the LA premiere of Chinese Coffee by Ira Lewis. He received rave reviews for his work; most notably the LA Times & LA Weekly. The highly esteemed Jack Heller directed. Also, Guy produced the critically acclaimed production of Jean Cocteau’s The Human Voice at the Elephant Theatre. The play starred Ho-Jung in a dominant, protean performance directed by award-winning director, Dan Bonnell. His approach to acting and teaching is a combination of studying for seven years with master teacher/director Gene Frankel in New York. Guy’s teachers in Los Angeles include Bobby Moresco and Catlin Adams. He is a proud member of the Writers Boot Camp and the MSA (Malibu Surfing Association). When his schedule permits, Guy is competing in surf contests up and down the coast of California and assists in keeping the ocean healthy.

The youngest of the Blackbone brothers, a loose cannon, ready to die for the cause of avenging their father’s death. He’s determined to regain a better place in the eyes of the government that rejected him.

I was born and raised in Texas, working on my family’s cattle ranch throughout my childhood. In a culture surrounded by football and sports, I found myself going to college for the sole reason of playing football. One day, I walked into an acting class and never looked back. I spent a college semester in London studying theater and came to the realization that what I really wanted to do with my life was to ​tell stories and be a part of that process. I just hadn’t figured out how at that point. When I got back home, I began working with a group of young filmmakers. We all made a plan to pack up and move to Los Angeles in hopes of launching our entertainment careers. Over a decade later, I’ve had the privilege of working and studying with some of the most gifted acting mentors including John Markland, Guy Camilleri, and Lewis Smith. I’ve also worked on a fulfilling and eclectic string of film projects that have allowed me to expand my range of storytelling and consciousness. Some of the standout projects in the past include the noir thriller, “Dead on Arrival”, directed by Stephen Sepher, “Homeward,” a story about love and loss by Phillip Montgomery, “Rustlers,” a western drama by Phil York and the upcoming dark comedy, “The Last Queen on Earth,” directed by Michael Shumway.
The son of the visionary scientist who created Altered Labs and it’s neuro-chip technology. The first child to be connected to an Author. He develops a strong connection with his Author Hathaway. He chose to leave the life of Alter Labs to go out into the new world away from the control of his father.

Guided by Hathaway, who enlists​ him to protect Elizabeth Parker from the fate that awaits her.

Richard Leacock is an award winning actor who has appeared in film, television and stage. Starting with his first appearance on “21 Jump St,” he has a career that has spanned many years. Richard starred on the tv series “DOC” with Billy Ray Cyrus for 5 seasons. He has also appeared in “The X Files,” “The Dead Zone,” “Stargate,” “Saving God” with Ving Rhames and most recently the feature film  “A Boy called Po.” On stage Richard has portrayed Rev Jesse Jackson in the play “The Dream Continues,” which showcased Martin Luther King’s non violent philosophy and the role of Louis Mckay in “Lady Sings the Blues.”  Richard has just completed principal photography on a science fiction feature film entitled “Atlantic Rim 2.”
A man of few words after losing his family. In a time of martial law JOSEPH PARKER looks after a piece of Los Angeles that has been tossed aside and deemed unnecessary by a Scientific run government.
Dale Gibson was born in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. His career as a stuntman spans over 40 years. He is known for his work on Hostage (2005), Gangster Squad (2013) and X-Men (2000), Hidalgo (2005)…


James Rodney Stolz

James Rodney Stolz

Director of Photography

James started his career as a Cinematographer back in Munich, Germany and moved to Los Angeles to further his career in filmmaking. His most recent accomplishments include working with renowned journalist Klaus Kleber for the feature documentary film titled Brave New World (2016) which was nominated for the German Television Award and nominated for Best Documentary by the Ministry of Commerce, Germany. He also filmed the US footage that included an interview with the comedian Jerry Lewis, for the feature documentary Der Clown (2016) which was nominated for the German Grimme Prize. Along with his documentary work, James continues to work on feature films and commercials. He’s filmed for such companies as Ford, Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz.
Peter Basler

Peter Basler


Peter Paul Basler is a Swiss-American director and producer who has been practicing the art of filmmaking since his start in the mid-nineties on Anjelica Huston’s Bastard out of Carolina.

He is currently directing second unit of (Z Nation).

Basler teamed with Sundance Jury Prize Winner Matthew Harrison (Rhythm Thief) to produce the critical hit Big Heart City, starring Oscar nominee Seymour Cassel and Shawn Andrews (Dazed & Confused). The film was shepherded by Dennis Hopper through the selection process at CineVegas and made a splash at the 2008 Los Angeles Film festival. Emmy nominee Gregory Itzin (TV’s 24) and Ken Davitian (Borat) headlined Peter’s next producing effort, the award winning romantic comedy feature Float. He also worked with A-list writer James Gunn (Dawn of the Dead, Scooby Doo) on Gunn’s latest web series for well known- producer Peter Safran (Disaster Movie, Meet The Spartans, and Scary Movie).

Andrew Kowalski

Andrew Kowalski


Andrew Kowalski has worked as a chief lighting technician in the film and live event industry for the last five years.

In that time, he has lit numerous feature films, short films as well as commercials for clients such as Ford, Honda, and Verizon and has lit music videos for artists Rock Ross, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean and many others.

Andrew also works as a cinematographer.  He has lensed multiple feature films as well as episodic work and music videos.

Andrew and Director of Photography James Stolz began their work together on the feature film “Quail Lake” and have since worked on multiple projects with one another within the last two years, and has culminated in them coming together once again for the lighting and visual aesthetic of “The Subconscious Dream.”


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